Texas Hunting Lease

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Visitor's Frequently Asked Questions


    Q. Where do I start? How do I join?

    A. See Join Help.

    A.    You must like cookies. If your browser is NOT accepting cookies you will see this message in huge print on the second page:
    "Our site now requires cookies to operate correctly. Please change your browser preferences to allow cookies. If you are concerned about use of cookies with our site, then please see our privacy statement."  If you do see this message on the second page lower your security level on you browser to accept cookies. Then start over at our front door. When you get to the second page, if you still see the cookie message, hit "Refresh" or "Reload"  and if that does not clear your cache try it again while holding "Ctrl". There is no need to proceed until you accept cookies.

    If you did not see a cookie message on the second page all is well. Go to the Home page and click on what best describes you: hunter, landowner or guide. Instructions follow the "Welcome...." on that page. The e-mail address you enter to join must be the same as the "From" address on email that comes from the computer you are using.

    Q.    I forgot my password.

    A.    Go to Members see "I forgot my password?"

    Q.    Am I a Basic, Standard or Premium member?

    A.    Log on to see your member's page at "Members."

    Q.   Why didn't I receive e-mail when I entered my e-mail address?

    A.   Take a break for about ten to thirty minutes and then click your in box again. While testing with a some free email services, messages took over thirty minutes to get to our in box. If you are still connected to the internet and your incoming mail is working properly please carefully look up your e-mail address to be sure what you are entering is correct and try again. With this upgraded web site we send e-mail from our automated system to verify that it is your address and it is working properly before you can enter a listing or contact one of the members.  A few of the common email errors: (the addresses are not shown to protect the innocent)

  1. AOL users not adding ".com"  to .........@aol Should be ...@aol.com
  2. Adding www.          example www.iamhunter@aol.com instead of iamhunter@aol.com
  3. User unknown.
  4. Invalid recipient
  5. Your employer may have filters to allow only certain addresses to contact you at work.
  6. unknown or illegal user
  7. User is over the quota.
  8. Mailbox not found
  9. Host unknown (Name server: aol.co host not found)
  10. Service unavailable
  11. Transaction failed
  12. Name server time out
  13. Not accepting mail from this sender.
  14. Mailbox is full
  15. Omitting .com, .net, org, .gov, .edu      example:  iamhunter@aol instead of iamhunter@aol.com
  16. CaSeSeNsItIvE      example: Ihaveland@hotmail.com instead of ihaveland@hotmail.com
  17. Accidentally entering someone else's address
  18. Obvious typo. errors
  19. Server problems
  20. Cable cut
  21. Open spam relay - see http://www.mail-abuse.org/rss
  22. Summary:
    1. Entering invalid e-mail address
    2. Mailbox full
    3. Filters

    Q.    I am a member but get error messages that my email is not in the database.

    A.    Your membership may have expired or your e-mail address became unreachable. Contact us and we will check it.

    Q.   What is different on this new upgraded web site?

    A.   The concepts of privacy, free listings,  and contacting the listing party via e-mail remain unchanged. That said, everything is new in v4.0.