Texas Hunting Lease

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The following comments were made by members when removing listings:


The character and scope of TexasHuntingLease.Com has done it for us again. All spots taken for 2003. Within three weeks of clearing up the confusion regarding my account all the new lessees have paid and visited the ranch.
Thank you for working with me to straighten out the problem. I do not want to account to ever be removed again. Thank you.

I never expected as many calls as I received--phone wouldn't stop ringing. then the right guy popped up rented the place for cash on the spot. Thank you for your service

We were successful in obtaining a nice lease through your service.

Just wanted to say thanks. We found a day lease that fits our needs and we are already booked for next year.

I have already set up two 3 day hunts and will not have any vacation time left. Thanks

I had a good # of contacts, and eventually leased to the first one that contacted me and looked at the property

If you are looking for a hunting lease, TRY THIS SITE, IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!! You will find what you are HUNTING for.

very helpful and will reccomend to others.

I entered my listing on saturday and had six hits on monday I had 3 appointments by noon monday. Tuesday morning I had three more hits . I recieved a check from my first appointment at 11:00 Teusday morning and had to cancell the other appointments. This site is amazing. I will reccomend it to everyone!

Listed on Wed. evening - had 8 contacts by Thursday morning. Placed with first hunter to see the lease. Thanks.

Thanks for helping people find solutions for their favorite sport

I received many contacts from your service; it is a valuable tool, and I appreciate your help.

Better than a #2. Very helpful. ... and Thank You

Got multiple inquiries. More than I did with (XXXXXXXXX).com

I appreciate your web site. It enables people without the time or resources to find a place to carry on the tradition of the outdoors and pass it on to our children.

I received several new listings of available leases around our great state. Thanks for the help and all of the responses to my ads, I would definately use your service again and recommend it to anyone needing to find a lease.

Your service and web site may not be the most amazing in the world, but it is excellent. It saves time, money, and best of all it provides a higher class of hunters with out 100's of anoying phone calls.

Thanks for your webiste service. I have made many contacts with other hunters to share stories and ideas

this was a very helpful site.

need to be simpler to change ads

I recieved a lot of requests for smaller acres not many for over 10,000 though

You have done a great job for me. I am removing the add because I have received a offer to sell the property to one of my neighbors. If for some reason this does not work out I will relist again. Thanks for having such a great web page and providing this service. Bob Y......

i have found a hunt. thanx for the help. great service

Too many contacts! Extremely irratating!!

at first i was disappointed thinking only 3 of the thousands of hunters would want to look at the land. But in less than a week, the emails have been streaming in. I am currently going out of town and won't have access to the net or email so I think it is most courteous to not advertise since I won't be able to respond promptly. Thank you so much for this fantastic service. I wish you all the best in the future of your site. This is a fantastically run site. Thank you so much for dreaming it up.

Great service for anyone unfamilliar with Texas or not lucky enough to know a landowner

Again the service has been great and am extremely satisfied with all.

The auto e-mail to your premium customers got my listing sold...great idea that drives business. Thank you.

Found what we were looking for within five days of posting! Look forward to using your website again!

have has at least 30 inquiries about the property I listed. It has now been leased and I wish to remove it from your site.
thank you once again for helping me find someone to lease our property.

Thanks for having a good service. After only three days, we found a lease close to home that will fit our needs. Thanks for providing this service!

Within a couple of 4 hours I had 4 good prospects and completed the lease this afternoon. Great!
If more opennings come on my lease,I will be back. Keep up the good work.Thanks a lot & good luck to you, JIM

Your service worked for me! It was outstanding. I got over 25 requests in about two weeks. Met and talked with a lot of nice folks and have come to agreement with a good group I believe. I liked the fact that everything was anonymous until I was ready to talk to prospects. I will definitely use the service again if needed and have already told other ranchers about it! Keep up the great work.

Ever notice how a man's job always seems to interfere with important stuff!!

Thanks for your help. Its nice to have a service like this available to the people.

Received triple the amount on inquiries we needed! Had lease filled within 1 week.

Have leased everything that was listed with you. Thank you

I have filled my lease openings for the past two years through your web site. Thanks for the excellent site.

Within one week of joining (July 24) I had a number of inquiries and this weekend leased some land in Eastland County. Thanks for your help!!!